The STEEL Lillies is a non-profit group created in memory of Tiffany Lill to raise funds and awareness for Sarcoma / Cancer Research.  Tiffany lost her battle with this terrible disease at the age of 39.  She was a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and friend.  Her legacy will be one of HOPE for others out there who are continuing this fight!

About Us (read an update from Dr. Jonathan Friedberg, Director of the Wilmot Cancer Institute)

STEEL Lillies  have made a commitment to continue our fundraising for a limited, four-year period.  We hope to raise a significant amount of money in that time to fight this disease, and we truly appreciate your support. We will devote our energies to fun, family events that Tiffany would have loved, including our summer 5k and winter gala.

In the Fall of 2012, we were notified that EVERY DOLLAR RAISED BY STEEL LILLIES WILL BE MATCHED by the University of Rochester’s Department of Orthopedics.  This means your contribution will have double the impact.  The larger portion of our gift will be used as part of a recruitment package for a physician-scientist who is specifically focused on sarcoma cancer.  With the match provided by the Orthopedics department, there will be a level of funding necessary to support a new research program over a few years.  To be clear, these funds will be restricted for research and will not be used for salary support.  This is a means to elevate the level of sarcoma-related research as well as the care of patients who face a sarcoma diagnosis.  Academic recruitments routinely take upwards of a year, but the U of R’s department began the recruitment immediately upon learning of the STEEL Lillies’ gift.

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Many employers have matching gift programs which will double or triple charitable contributions made by their employees, retirees, and spouses/partners. To find out if your Employer has a matching gift policy, please visit   to learn more.

We hope that you join us at our next fundraising event.

Thank you for your support,

The Bayer and Lill Family, along with the entire STEEL Lillies Team